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‘Tis the season…to decorate!

If you’re thinking about an autumnal decor refresh, be sure to consider the entire home when envisioning your holiday space. Seasonal decorating requires a simple but holistic approach. From curb to mudroom, playroom to guest bath, you need a strategy that will turn your home into a cozy holiday setting.

Start with subtle touches to your outdoor space. Seasonal plantings or even “turning” your mulch can give your property a freshness that tells the neighbors you recognize the change of season. Burnt orange, yellow, or taupe weatherproof cushion slipcovers or accent pillows for your outdoor furniture can also add a nice touch.

Inside, bring a bit of the season indoors. Choose appropriate accent pieces like vases, candles, and decorative throws with seasonal hues of berry, bark, and bramble. You might even consider refreshing your paint colors accordingly in key spaces like entry halls, family rooms, and guest baths. Another popular trend gaining notice on countless Pinterest boards includes incorporating a dried flower motif. These stylish and simple arrangements can provide the ideal autumn accent to any room.

Overall, taking a minimalist approach to lighting, furniture, and decorative pieces while adding a bit of today’s luxe revival trend of incorporating materials like brass, marble, and velvet might combine to offer just the right reasons to fall in love with the season.

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